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Dekalb County Cabinet Renovation

Create the bathroom, kitchen, and home of your dreams with professional cabinet renovation!

The team at Georgia Cabinet Refinishing are your Dekalb County cabinet renovation professionals. Home renovation projects are both exciting and intimidating. Creating a more attractive space that better suits your lifestyle and needs has many benefits. Not only will renovation improve the resale value of your home, reconfiguring the layout and organization of your space will improve kitchen efficiency and reduce frustration, giving you more time with your family.

Whether you desire to update your kitchen or nook dining area, want to add an island, reconfigure your space, or finally create the bathroom of your dreams, we have smart, affordable solutions that work for you. If you are ready to finally update your home with high-end finishes without the high-end budget, let’s talk.

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Kitchen Cabinet Renovation

Kitchen renovation is both one of the most requested and most expensive renovations a homeowner can pursue. There are refinishing options available at all price points, and making sure you are selecting the right materials, products, and, most importantly, renovation company to support your project is vital.


With high-end finishes and all new installations, renovation costs can be quite prohibitive to the average homeowner. The most expensive part of a typical kitchen remodel is the cabinets and hardware, typically coming in at roughly 1/3 of the total renovation cost.

This is a great area to reduce the total cost of your project. In the majority of homes, there is no need to purchase completely new cabinetry in order to give your space a new layout, finish, or style to complement the rest of your new kitchen design.

With cabinet repainting or cabinet redooring, we can use your existing cabinet boxes and add color or new doors to refinish and update the look. We can even adjust the layout of your current cabinetry, add an island, or add organizational add-ons to make your space more user-friendly.

Saving you about 80% over cabinet replacement, our affordable and durable cabinet refinishing solutions are the perfect choice for homeowners looking to get an attractive finish at an attractive price.

Bathroom Cabinet Renovation

Bathroom remodels are the next most common home improvement project. Everyone enjoys clean, updated facilities, especially in their own home.


Creating a relaxing environment for your bath area can be much less expensive than you may expect. If you have gotten bathroom renovation quotes from companies that include full cabinet replacement, you may have experienced a bit of sticker shock. Many of the past homeowners we have worked with found us because they knew there had to be a better solution.

Most often, it is not the quality of the cabinetry that is the problem, but rather the style, finish, or layout that doesn’t work for the homeowner’s needs. We provide bathroom cabinet renovation and refinishing alternatives that provide a polished finish at an affordable price. You can choose from durable cabinet painting or even cabinet redooring, both which utilize your intact cabinet boxes and either update or replace the doors.

Our Dekalb County, GA cabinet company also assists with adjusting the layout and placement of your existing cabinetry, new countertop installation, and updating hardware so your space is exactly as you envisioned.

Modifications, Add-ons, & Accessories

Gone are the days of static shelves and limited cabinet layouts! Customize your cabinetry with organizational accessories like pull-outs, lazy susans, utensil organizers, secret trash cans, and more!


What is better than cabinets that look great? Cabinets that look great AND help keep you organized and efficient! We design attractive, effective cabinetry systems that help keep you organized.

The great thing about a professional kitchen renovation is that you are often already familiar with the space, and where things are supposed to be. We use that insight to create functional systems and solutions that support your needs within your space.

Do you need a pull out for a corner cabinet or a lazy susan for better access? What about pull-out in-cabinet drawers for easily sorting and storing your plastic bowls and lids? We understand the most common kitchen problems and have smart solutions to eliminate them from your home.

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Are you ready to upgrade and update your living space and create a new kitchen or bathroom that is functional and stylish without the high cost of a complete remodel?

Your Dekalb County cabinet renovation experts, we provide smart, attractive, and affordable cabinet refinishing solutions. Save money on your kitchen or bathroom home improvement project by working with the cabinet renovation professionals at Georgia Cabinet Refinishing.

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