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Alpharetta Cabinet Refacing

Breathe new life into your kitchens and bathrooms with attractive, affordable cabinet refacing!


Unless you have purchased a custom home, chances are you are living in a home that someone else designed for their needs and style. It’s time to make your space your own!

Kitchen and bath renovations are the most popular home improvement projects. While many homeowners shell out big bucks to get the kitchen of their dreams, there are many alternatives available to you that can help you reduce the cost of your next project.

Georgia Cabinet Refinishing provides smart and affordable bathroom and kitchen refinishing options, designed to create a space that suits your needs and style.

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Cabinet Refacing Vs. Replacement

One of the most expensive elements of a bath or kitchen renovation is the cost of replacement cabinets. While new cabinets are a clean and attractive addition to any home, complete cabinet replacement is an expense that can be reduced up to 80% with smart decision making.


Instead of installing new cabinetry in your home, a low-cost, high-impact alternative is cabinet refacing or redooring. With cabinet redooring, your original cabinet boxes are used and new doors and hardware are affixed. Cabinet boxes are cleaned and refreshed, and can be rearranged if you would prefer a different configuration to better suit your needs for your space. Once prep has been done, the new cabinet doors that you have selected are then fitted to your boxes and finished with the hardware of your choice.

If you need additional elements, such as new countertops and backsplashes to complement and complete your design, we provide those elements as well for a finished look and cohesive space.

As your Alpharetta cabinet refacing specialists, we provide a wide array of refacing and refinishing options for your cabinetry. From new cabinet door installation to cabinet painting, our complete cabinet company provides high-end finishes at an affordable cost.

Cabinet Accessories & Organization

Your cabinet doors are what visitors see when they enter your kitchen.


While it is important that you have an attractive outward face, it is just as important that your kitchen cabinets be functional and well-organized, allowing you maximum efficiency when preparing and planning meals.

When your kitchen is well-organized, it is faster and easier to prepare your meals, meaning you get to spend more time enjoying your space with your family. There is nothing more frustrating than searching for the right spoon, pot, or spice.

We provide kitchen cabinet built-in organizational accessories, updating your space and adding increased functionality. Our cabinet organization solutions include:

  • Built-in Trash Containers
  • Pull-out Base Organizers
  • Lazy Susans & Blind Corner Pull-Outs
  • Soft Close Pull-Out Shelving
  • Spice Racks
  • Under Sink Organizers
  • Drawer Organizers & Inserts
  • Upper Cabinet Organizers
  • Pantry Organizers

We also provide drawer and cabinet organization elements for your bathroom cabinets. The experts at Georgia Cabinet Refinishing are your Alpharetta, GA cabinet redooring professionals, assisting with every aspect of making your home a more usable and comfortable space for you and your family.

Let’s Talk Now- Free Consultation

Take your home remodeling budget further with smart cabinet refinishing alternatives by Georgia Cabinet Refinishing!


Why spend 5x more for new cabinet boxes, when all you really need are new cabinet doors to create an entirely new look and feel for your space? We help maximize your budget without compromising on quality or service.

Professionally refaced cabinetry gives your home high-end appeal without the high cost. Our Alpharetta cabinet refacing experts help you make the right choice for your home improvement project needs and budget.

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