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Georgia Cabinet Redooring

Reinvigorate your bathrooms and kitchens with affordable, attractive cabinet redooring!

Georgia Cabinet Redooring iStock 1309275313 300x198If you haven’t purchased a custom home, you are most likely living in a home that someone else designed for their needs and style. It’s time for you to finally make your space your own with custom finishes that suit your taste and lifestyle.

Kitchen and bathroom renovations are easily the most popular home improvement projects. Many homeowners feel that they have no choice other than to pay top dollar for the kitchen or bath of their dreams. However, there are many alternatives to full remodels that can help you reduce the cost of your next project, such as cabinet refacing or redooring.

Georgia Cabinet Refinishing provides smart and affordable bathroom and kitchen renovation and cabinet refinishing options, designed to create a functional living space that suits your unique needs and personal style.

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Cabinet Redoor Options

Georgia Cabinet Redooring iStock 1308683030 1 300x200Save thousands on your home renovation project by keeping your cabinet boxes and simply replacing your doors. Providing an updated, attractive style and clean finishes, new cabinet doors may just be the facelift your kitchen or bath needs to feel like your own.

There are many options you can choose from when selecting replacement cabinet doors. From solid wood cabinet doors, mdf doors, frame only doors, glass doors, and thermo-foil doors, new cabinet faces are available in both natural wood and painted finishes.

There are many new cabinet door shapes and styles to choose from, and we can even update your existing faces by adding molding or new profile elements to alter the appearance of your doors prior to painting. We also update your hardware, including hidden hinges for a smooth, polished finish.

We know that selecting the right cabinetry doors for your space can be overwhelming. Our on-site cabinet refinishing specialists work with you to understand your personal vision, present you with alternatives that work best for your needs, and physically show how your selections will look in your finished space.

Cabinet Accessories & Organization

Georgia Cabinet Redooring iStock 1091020340 1 300x225

While an attractive appearance for your kitchen or bath cabinets creates a polished finish, there is a lot more we can do to improve the functionality and usability of your space.

We update your bath and kitchen cabinets with functional organizational elements and accessories, designed to make your space more comfortable and efficient.

While everyone wants a kitchen they enjoy spending time in, efficiency in your space means that you are less frustrated and able to spend more time with your family.

Built-in organizational systems means that you aren’t left searching for the right pot, spoon, or spice.

Our cabinet organization solutions include:

  • Built-in Trash Containers
  • Drawer Organizers & Inserts
  • Upper Cabinet Organizers
  • Pull-out Base Organizers
  • Under Sink Organizers
  • Lazy Susans & Blind Corner Pull-Outs
  • Soft Close Pull-Out Shelving
  • Spice Racks
  • Pantry Organizers

Many of these elements can also be added to your new bathroom cabinets for improved efficiency throughout your home. Our Georgia cabinet redooring specialists are excited to assist you with making your space more usable for your family and lifestyle.

Georgia Cabinet Refinishing Experts

Georgia Cabinet Refinishing are your Georgia cabinet refinishing experts.

Georgia Cabinet Redooring iStock 1093917492 1 300x200When updating your kitchen or bath with beautiful new cabinets, countertops, hardware, and backsplashes, we are the right local partners for you. Our professional cabinet renovation experts provide outstanding products and customer support, personalized to your home and desires.

Our cabinet redesign specialists walk through your existing space with you, discussing your needs and ideas, and providing options and suggestions for accomplishing your goals for your new, more functional home. From redesign to refinishing, we make your space the right space for you.

The key to turning your house into your home is in creating space that is inviting, functional, and comfortable. Our priority is delivering a space that suits your lifestyle and family. That is what we deliver for you.

Let’s Talk Now- Free Consultation

Take your home renovation budget further with smart cabinet refinishing, redooring, and refacing alternatives by Georgia Cabinet Refinishing!

Georgia Cabinet Redooring logo 300x101Don’t spend 5x more for new cabinet boxes, when all you really need are new cabinet doors! Cabinet redooring allows you to create an entirely new look and feel for your space, while maximizing your budget.

We don’t compromise on quality or service, either. Cabinet refinishing delivers high-end appeal without the high cost, and our Georgia cabinet redooring experts assist you with making the right choice for your home improvement project needs and budget.

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