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Georgia Cabinet Painting

Refresh, reinvigorate, and update your living space with affordable, attractive cabinet painting by Georgia Cabinet Refinishing!

Georgia Cabinet Painting iStock 1309275313 300x198Your Georgia cabinet painting experts, we are dedicated to high-end, durable finishes that increase both the appeal and value of your home.

Replacement cabinets are a huge expense that often isn’t even necessary! With professional cabinet painting, you can get the perfect color to match your countertops and backsplashes, or get those upgraded as well for a completely new look. From classic ivory to modern grays or coastal blues, we design cabinetry that suits your sense of style and your budget.

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Sophisticated Appeal, Affordable Price

Painting your kitchen or bathroom cabinets not only provides you with a lot more value for your dollar; it also provides you with many more options for personalization and customization.

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Whatever style you desire, our cabinet renovations deliver. Instead of being limited to traditional oak, maple, walnut, or cherry finishes, you can get a high-quality painted cabinet finish that is durable and complementary to your space and lifestyle.

The palette you can choose from is unlimited. Whether you are looking for a classic appeal, a pop of color with island cabinet painting, or a modern update, we have the right solution for you. We can show you how different colors will look in your room to help you choose the perfect painted finish to update your kitchen and bath cabinets.

Durable, Long-Lasting Painted Finish

One of the best features of professionally painted cabinetry is the durable, long-lasting, and easy to clean finish.

Georgia Cabinet Painting iStock 1073146972 300x200Many Georgia homeowners make the mistake of hiring a wall or house painter to refinish their cabinets. While this may seem like a cost-efficient choice, there is a big difference between the quality of craftsmanship required for painting walls as opposed to painting cabinets.

Cabinets, unlike walls, often have an existing finish that is resistant to dirt, making it impossible for good paint adhesion. They also have much finer details, and experience much more daily wear, meaning that the right materials, preparation, and curing procedures must be utilized to avoid the unpleasant side effects of poorly done work.

After your painted cabinets have completely cured, they are incredibly resistant to chips, peeling, and cracks, while the smooth, dirt-resistant finish makes cleaning a breeze.

While any cabinetry can be damaged when enough force is applied, we are so completely confident in the quality of our finish that we Guarantee your painted cabinets against defects in materials and workmanship causing spontaneous chipping or peeling.

Modifications, Add-Ons, & Accessories

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Your affordable home renovation professionals; we provide a full range of services for the kitchen and bathroom in addition to cabinet painting.

If you would like to reconfigure the layout of your cabinets to improve the flow of your space, add organizational elements, or update your countertops or backsplashes to complete the look of your new kitchen or bath, we assist with those services as well.

From hidden hinges to utensil organizers and lazy susans, pull out trash cans, lighting, new shelving, and updated hardware, we make sure your project is finished attractively, completely, and quickly.

Want to add a farmhouse sink, adjust your refrigerator space, get a microwave off your counter, or have an island installed, updated, or modified? We do all of that, as well. Our cabinet company experts are dedicated to making your vision a reality with attractive finishes, speedy service, and affordable pricing.

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The Georgia cabinet painting professionals at Georgia Cabinet Refinishing are excited to work with you on your project. We can’t wait to show you how big an impact and improvement you can make on your space, and how much further your renovation project budget can go.

Georgia Cabinet Painting logo 300x101We assist you in making smart renovation decisions for your home, showing you the value of putting your money into where it matters the most. Why buy new cabinets when all they need is a little updating and refinishing to make them your own? Save up to 80% off new cabinet installation with custom cabinet painting or refacing by Georgia Cabinet Refinishing!

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